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Trados is one of those softwares that you either hate or love, sometimes both. It’s one of those necessary evils in the translation industry. That’s where Tuomas comes in. His in-depth knowledge of the Trados the program, his professional manner, and his non-selling approach make him, in our view, a much sought-after Trados trainer.
His training workshops helped us make sense of the program’s options, tabs, buttons, colors, shortcuts, abbreviations, and more that can drive us insane and take up so much of our work time if we try to figure it out on our own. By inviting Tuomas to give a presentation to our members, we know we are accomplishing one of our Association’s objectives of providing our membership a relevant education to become more productive and increase our members’ bottom line. Based on our experience, a Tuomas-led training has proven to be an investment well worth our members’ time and money.

Norma S. Pace
Metroplex Interpreters and Translators Association (MITA) President

Bringing in Tuomas to deliver Trados Training for our staff proved to be an excellent choice as far as time and money spent. Not only did he tailor his workshop to our specific needs, he gave us follow up support to any questions that popped up as a result of his session. It was great to have someone with his experience as an actual user as well as an unbiased opinion. Instead of groaning, our entire staff will certainly look forward to scheduling another workshop with him.
Cathi Rimalower
ISI Translations

Tuomas is an excellent trainer. He is crystal-clear in his explanations. No time is wasted at all. Despite the complexity and lack of organization of the Trados software, Tuomas managed to make logic and clarity reign. He is also flexible and adapts immediately to any question or teaching situation request by the client. Exceptional!
Juliette Scott
Language Services Europewide (Italy)

Thanks Tuomas. I’m glad I decided to take your session. It’s the usual 80/20 rule.
Of all the basic functions I needed to learn to function efficiently in my work, I probably learned 80% of them on my own (before our session) with 20% of the effort, but to figure out the last 20% probably would have taken 80% of my effort.  By spending 2 hours with you, that last 20% (and more!) of knowledge was acquired very efficiently, and that probably saved me hours (or even days) of wasted time in reading documentation or in inefficient use of the software tool.

Hiroki Minaki
Japanese <> English Translator

Tuomas is a superb trainer. He structures his workshops in a very logical manner, so that he is able to cover an extraordinary amount of material without anything feeling rushed, and presents it in a way that is very easy to understand.
Sarah Llewellyn
French into English Translator

Tuomas is a very knowledgeable Trados expert who has been able to explain the workings of the software and how to use it most efficiently in a very short time. Thanks to the 2 workshops I attended, I have now been able to make good use of this translation tool, and I look forward to the next courses he will offer to understand all the other features I haven’t touched yet!
Arianna Schneider-Stocking
German, Italian and English Translator

Tuomas is a fantastic Trados trainer. I highly recommend his services.
Cathy Lara
Cathy Lara & Associates, German Translation Services

Tuomas knows Trados and the difficulties newbies face. He takes the essentials of what we need to know and presents them in an easy-to-learn format. His handouts are great reference material—much easier than searching through the Trados manual.
I was so frustrated trying to learn MultiTerm on my own that I had given up. I eagerly signed up for Tuomas’ workshop where I painlessly learned how to import glossaries, create new ones, add new terms, and link MultiTerm to Translators Workbench. Thank you, Tuomas!
Diana Sherer, ATA Certified Translator
Spanish – English and French – English

Thanks to Tuomas, my training to Trados was so smooth; I could love this software after my first class!  Tuomas’ teaching skills; his humor, and his patience brought me exactly where I needed to be to do my job more efficiently. Thank you Tuomas!
Pascale Ruimy
Banana Republic
French Translation Specialist

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