MOT Dictionaries

MOT Dictionaries is a collection of high-quality dictionaries and terminologies put together in cooperation between Kielikone, dictionary publishers and linguist experts. The selection contains comprehensive general dictionaries, extensive technical and business dictionaries and specialty dictionaries and terminologies. MOT users can create a customized library of dictionaries that is suitable for demanding professional environments and add their personal dictionaries to MOT.

Electronic dictionaries, such as MOT, are invaluable tools for professional translators.

Some of MOT’s main benefits for a translator:

  • Search several dictionaries at the same time, faster than you can open a paper dictionary.
  • With MOT’s “Find All” command you can do full-text searches that also cover usage samples and other non-keyword texts.
  • With various wild cards you can do complex searches that would be impossible with a paper dictionary, such as searching words and phrases that end a certain way or include a certain string.
  • Works seamlessly with other Windows programs – you can search terms and replace them with your preferred translation easily with a keyboard shortcut or a click of a mouse. No need to retype your search term or its translation.
  • With MOT’s fast, easy and efficient search capabilities you are more likely to find the correct term, which in turn improves the quality of your translation.
  • Capability to import and create your own glossaries to be used as part of your MOT dictionary library.
  • Read what others say…

MOT Dictionaries include Finnish, Swedish, English, German, Italian, French and Spanish dictionaries and multilingual glossaries from respected publishers, such as Collins, PONS, WSOY, Norstedts, Gullberg and Schildts. Some of the MOT dictionaries are also available for mobile phones.

I have a distribution contract with the Finnish supplier, Kielikone Oy Ltd, for international sales of MOT Dictionaries and other Kielikone products.

For more information, contact me at mot @ For more information about Kielikone Oy and other Kielikone products, click here.

User testimonials

I used to swear by “real”, heavy, paper dictionaries and refused to even try any digital ones. I wanted to be able to take a book in my hand, browse it, make my notes on the margin, etc. When I finally gave in and tried MOT, I discovered that I can make notes in MOT by creating my own dictionaries, and the notes are so much easier and faster to find! A dictionary doesn’t have to weigh a ton to have tons of information in it. In MOT, I like to be able to search several dictionaries at the same time and do full-text searches to see a word used in a context. Especially my English-Finnish, Enteka, Dictionary of Contemporary Finnish, and WSOY Law dictionary are in heavy use every day.
It’s true that MOT works well with Windows programs, but recently I found that it even works with Firefox. I sometimes have to work in web-based applications, and this is a very useful feature. What more wonders will I discover?

Irja Frank
Finnish Translator
Orono, Maine

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